Think in English

Think in English

One of my friend is working hard to improve his TOEIC test score. I was questioned how to get a higher score.
He says he wants to increase reading section score.

TOEIC test asks many grammar questions in the reading section. Some of the questions are difficult that even native speakers can not necessarily gain full score.
Whether we should study hard to gain score on such grammar questions is difficult. Since if we start studying grammars, the way of learning will automatically go back to the junior high school English learning habit.

Most of us think in Japanese when speaking in English.
This approach delays progress of our English skill improvement, but it is not easy to escape from the approach since most us spend so many time learning English in such manner.

The best approach to learn English is to try to think in English, not by our mother tongue.
However, it’s easier to think in Japanese.

I know it is not easy, but we have to think in English to improve our skill.