Raise The Bar&Create Higher Levels of Luck

Raise The Bar&Create Higher Levels of Luck

It’s simply like this.  We all face good luck and bad luck. 🙇‍♀️🍀

If you put in effort and improve your skills, by raising your level or bar, your average skill level goes up.

So when you have good luck, your average skill level is higher which means that even if you face bad luck or challenges you will be better off than if you had just wished for good luck without doing anything or just putting in minimal effort.

If you merely put in limited effort, I think you are staying in your comfort zone.

Set your goals or your Gold Vision high. What you really wish to be or to do. Ask people for help to achieve it.

If you do more of this, things will be different.

The higher you climb the ladder, your leverage will be different which means upside of the luck will be significant.

Simply said, the more effort you put in, the greater your success.

Once you’ve grabbed good luck, the upside will be very big. And if it is bad luck, you still have the capability to manage it.

What percentage of your success came from effort and what percentage came from luck?

Probably if your success is really big then a bigger percentage is related to luck.

However, if you’ve put in lots of effort, then you can manage both good and bad luck.

This is how we survive in a different comfort zone.

I hope this helps!
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