Why does a CEO need special coaching?

Why does a CEO need special coaching?

Many top #executives have personal coaches, including #leaders, sole proprietors and those who want to start their own businesses someday.

My #CEO #coaching uses a problem-solving method based on #cognitivescience. It is specifically designed with the CEO in mind.

Why does a CEO need my special coaching?

Because the challenges a CEO faces are not just his/her own problems but involve the entire company.

In order for a coach to help leaders achieve their goals, the coach does not only need coaching skills but needs management expertise and experience.

In CEO coaching, a coach works with both the CEO and management to find ways to solve problems and achieve their goals.

The coach knows how to ask the right questions to bring out the best in their clients.

For example, a company establishes a goal to grow their sales to $100M from current sales of $1M but it is impossible to achieve this goal with the CEO acting alone.

However, if we can align the employees and management with the CEO’s goal and work together with business partners, customers, and the public, we can expect to achieve the target of 100X sales.

This is the “1 to 100 mindset”, my CEO coaching style.

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