Gold Vision

Gold Vision

⭐Gold Vision⭐

…is the first book I wrote. It’s about “when the envisioned future becomes a reality”.

The title of the book means: setting goals that are shining like “gold” for your future and achieving those goals.

For example, a company establishes a goal to grow their sales to $100M from current sales of $1M.

It’s impossible to achieve such a goal through the actions of the CEO alone.

So, I devised a coaching method by which the CEO with the company can achieve their goals.

This method uses three theories to change the “1 to 10 mindset” to the “1 to 100 mindset” for the company.

1. Goal theory (setting high, future goals)
2. Feed Forward theory (living with a future perspective)
3. Cause theory (knowing why you do what you do)

By understanding and applying these 3 theories, you can expect a revolutionary change.

You will be able to establish and accomplish big goals in the future.

Expect to enhance your ability to overcome life’s inevitable difficulties.

Improve your ability to enlist the help of others in making any new changes.

Applying these theories, you can change your mindset from “1 to 10” to “1 to 100” improvements.

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