coaching VS Consulting

coaching VS Consulting

Many companies make good use of consultants and coaches to help increase sales, expand their customer base and enhance their brands.

So, what is the difference between a consultant and a coach?

➡ A consultant is an expert who offers advice, solutions or recommends resources to clients. A consultant:
‣ Works on projects or teams
‣ Is expert in identifying issues
‣ Focuses on solving problems
‣ Has objectives regarding programs, processes or systems

➡ A coach is a motivator who typically asks powerful questions that guide the client to discover answers. A coach:
‣ Has a growth mindset
‣ Is not required to have specific knowledge of the industry
‣ Is performance, result and outcome driven

As a CEO coach, my objective is to develop a leader’s problem-solving skills to promote business initiatives and identify areas for organisational improvement.

Consultants solve problems for you. Every time a new problem arises, you talk to a consultant. Thus, your costs are ongoing.

Coaches teach you how to identify and solve your own problems.

Do you use consultants or coaches in your organization? Let me know in the comments!