Leadership And Humility: How Much And When?

Leadership And Humility: How Much And When?

Humility is not typically the first trait that comes to mind when we think about great business leaders.

Visionary, confident, charismatic – that is how we would likely to describe them. Modesty and humbleness are not usually on that list.

But they should.

Humility, in fact, is a trait characteristic to top performers. One of the surveys published in the Journal of Management revealed that humility in CEOs led to higher-performing leadership teams, increased collaboration and cooperation and flexibility in developing strategies.

Today humility is often included in the description of emotional intelligence. Many have asserted that EQ is a better predictor of life success than IQ. It is also necessary for leaders to navigate people through times of crisis.

Humility helps to lead with empathy and understanding, and the lack of it can be leader’s undoing as the example of Neiman Marcus shows.