Describe your goal, your ‘gold vision’.

Describe your goal, your ‘gold vision’.

The goal comes first, then we perceive. The secret system to achieving your goals.

Know how to use your brain effectively to achieve your goals. Are you using your brain in that way? When I work with CEO’s and teams, our conversations are about how to grow their businesses 100-fold. How to achieve amazing things. They learn:

know how to improve your performance
know how to increase your motivation
know how to find many innovative ideas
know how to make many friends
know how to help the people who are important for you
know how to be rich
know how to be healthier
know how to stay young and beautiful

We start with the goal and describe as clearly as possible what that would look like. The mind is a powerful tool and once it perceives the goal it starts to move us towards what we desire.

Let’s start right now! Describe your goal, your ‘gold vision’. Write in the comments what that looks like for you. One word is ok, it’s the first step towards your goal!