English capability

English capability

I was many times questioned how I built my English capability. The simple answer was that “I grew up in U.S. and U.K. and thus I had advantage”.
However this is not the only reason. To be honest I really studied hard after I decided to move to Gaishikei company.

I started my career as an office worker (Sarariman) when I became 30. After 3 years at the first company I decided to move to Gaishikei company.
Yet my TOEIC score was somewhere around 700+. I dindn’t use English for some 10 years since I came back to Japan and therefore I forgot everything.
The other issue was that English language used at school is different from the office professional English.

Therefore I really had to build my English capability from scratch and it took 3 years. Until I reached to tcurrent level every English meeting was tough and I had to prepare so hard. Particularly when I swtiched the job (which happend twice), I had no background knowledge of the business and this was a very hard moment.

As above I know how hard it is to study English and can imagine many people feel scared about English.
But the return is very high.

Tsukuba MBA-IB is the very rare MBA that provides education in English.
If you really want to be a global manager this course provides you with significant challenge an return by forcing you to think, speak and write in English.
It’s not a bad challenge.