Time management 3

Time management 3

The more I become busy, I become inclined to write something. I should go to bed earlier…

I have written on time management. Solutions I proposed are simple. Just start early and set the due earlier. This would help you very much.
But of course there are other solutions as well.

Another simple one is; to simply do things faster.
If you overslept but have to leave home as quickly as possible, you can do things very fast: washing your face, brushing your teeth, selecting your clothes and so on.

Actually, we are doing things very slowly. If you intend to read faster or speak faster, you will be surprised how much easy it is.
This attitude to intentionally do thing faster enables you to live faster and do things more in your life.

Of course if you like to, you can always stop and slow down when you feel you are too rushy.

The point is: decide your speed of the life by yourself.
This is another golden rule for my own time management.