Talents working on the projects

Talents working on the projects

During the stay in Hanoi, our main purpose was to inspect the progress of ODA project and learn what is being done.
There are so many things we learned from the people who are working on the projects.

From my eye, these people really deserve admiration.
They work for consulting company who supports the Vietnam government, in this case, and are responsible to push the projects.

Vienam is a socialist country. If you imagine China, big socialist country, they are very quick at decision making. Because authority has strong power.
However, Vietnam values consensus and the speed of decision making is really slow.

Japan consultants are increadibly persisitent and motivated to continue the projects.
They work hard to improve the life of Vietnam people.

These people are really talented and has high level educational background. Also strong motivation.
I was impressed that such high level personnel are working on the projects for a long time.

I am sure that these people are the engine for Vietnam and also for our country.
I really think so.