To do multiple tasks at the same time

To do multiple tasks at the same time

I know everybody is busy.
But I am also very very busy now.

I have so many projects running in parallel which I can’t avoid.
Some are the assignments of the class. I am working on 4 presentations and 3 reports at the same time.
For my job, I have at least 6 projects running in parallel. Maybe more.
For my life, it’s not easy to count but at least 4 projects are going on.

I am about to be drowned but somehow surviving (at least for now).

To do multiple tasks at the same time, I try to use full capability of my brain.

The way to do this is very simple.
I put many SIMPLE questions in my brain.

“What is the intention of the author?”
“This business seems profitable but why?”
“Who needs to be involved?”
“What would satisfy my family?”

such and such.

Brain will automatically search answers of the question.
Therefore, suddenly I get answers and can complete the work.

If you wnat to try this method, just be careful, if you ask too big questions your brain won’t reach an answer easily and rather be occupied by the question.
Slice the big question into smaller questions and then you can be helped by your brain.
I can assure you that you would be surprized by your own talent!