Surely it’s going to be challenging

Surely it’s going to be challenging

The new year of my MBA class has begun today and I found that it’s going to be really challenging in coming 3 months.
One of the professor mentioned last year that the most challenging peroid will be the first 3-4 months, and I innocently belived that. Although I am sure this year is going to be tougher.

We need to do more group works and more readings. Of course this is what I have chosen so I will survive but since I thought that it should be much better this year compared to the crazy 2011, I am a little shocked with what I have to cope with…

Anyway the main reason is my new assignement at work. I have been transfered to the sales side from supply chain side and am going to work on to strengthen the sales group.
We have more than 10 large branches across the nation and my role is to support and strengthen the capability of the sales organization.

Last year I worked on the deployment of process change to the company from the back office side and this year I am going to continue that from different stand point.

For our company January is the critical moment for jump start, although I am going to Vietnam for a week due to MBA class, departing tomorrow morning.
Of course there are a lot of other assignements we have to do during the visit.

Hmmm, oh, I need to pack my luggage!