Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. I wanted to be a rock star! 🎤⭐️

I worked hard at it for many years. Then I created Gold Vision. 🔥

I was born in Japan in the 1970s. My father worked for a Japanese company which transferred him to the USA.

I spent five years there and after a 10 year stint back in Japan,  my father was transferred to the U. K. where I spent another 5 years.

I came back to Japan and graduated from a Japanese University.  Usually, most graduates or young Japanese people start working but I did something different. It wasn’t an entrepreneurship.

I wanted to be a rock star. It didn’t go as I expected!!  😅

So after giving up being a rock star, I started a small company and it was gradually growing.

I felt  it was time to learn new things by getting an MBA and gaining  experience by working for a relatively large corporation.

I did this for something close to 10 years and then I started my business by pooling all my experiences overseas, in the music industry and working for a large corporation.

That was 7 years ago and the moment I started my business, I already had created my Gold Vision method. So I wrote my book, published it and it was well accepted.

So I think that was my start.

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