Don’t look back, look forward!

Don’t look back, look forward!

No feedback. Feed forward is much more effective! Don’t look back, look forward! CEO Coaching is based on three pillars

1) Goal Theory
2) Cause Theory
3) Feed Forward Theory

Goal Theory has two pillars: 1. the ability to set goals and 2. the ability to believe in oneself. The ability to involve and move people is added as a third pillar.

Cause Theory is the idea that your actions stem from your core values, that you have deep reasons for doing what you do by understanding who you are.

Feed Forward Theory focuses on looking into the future and making changes, avoiding getting into the latent trap of feedback which only identifies the shortcomings and problems to be improved.

Have you tried coaching people using ‘feed forward’? Many people are uncomfortable with ‘feedback’ as they see it as a form of challenge, even criticism. Feed forward helps move towards our goals!