Time management 4

Time management 4

To improve our productivity, we need to be able to do multiple things at the same time.
This doesn’t mean doing things consciously, but using our full potential of subconscious.

As mentioned in many books, our ability is so high that we rarely use more than 3% of our potential.
Whether it is 3% or 5% is a matter of discussion but it should be true that we have more opportunity to use our brain to the full extent.
We all know this. But how?

I learned a lot from many talented coaches and also from books. I have tried many approaches myself and I think now I have acquired the skill. Still there is room for improvement, however I at least believe I know what to do.

We need to put “right questions” in our mind.
That’s it.
Ask right questions to yourself.

To do this, we need to be careful.
We need to avoid bad questions that will not contribute to the growth of your brain.
To this extent, many TV programs are harmful. They ask meaningless questions to our mind and usually we will lose focus from much important questions.
I believe we have to manage what we ask to ourselves.

There are other important techniques for multi-tasking but please remember we need to ask right questions to our brain.