Time management 2

Time management 2

Starting early is one solution to manage our time effectively. But it is not easy. Why?

There are various reasons we don’t start early but one of the major one is, in my view, because we know that our productivity increases when we have only limited time.
At very last moment our concentration drastically increases and the outcome is often better than when we have ample time. For example this seems often to be the case for professional writer.

Of course I have many times experienced this last minutes energy, we call in Japanese ” 火事場のバカ力” which stands for super power when encountering fire. So I know it is not a bad idea to wait until the last moment.

However, I have changed my approach few years ago. Now I finish earlier.
I am often questioned how I finish early, but the method is simple.

I just set the deadline several days earlier. It’s my internal due. But I stick to it personally.
By doing this I can use the special last minutes power and also finish earlier.
Once I complete, I throw the task away and don’t try to modify what I had developed.
This behavior helps me set the due earlier next time again.
If I modify the output after my personal due, my subconscious will not seriously take the internal due as real. I have to be committed.

It’ simple but works.