Dealing with time pressure

Dealing with time pressure

Both the work and MBA classes are at the peak and my sleeping time is minimum,
What I feel under this situation is, it is so important to experience these kind of tough situation. In Japanese 極限の状態. Sort of a extreme condition.

Since I have been transferred to a new role at work the time pressure has increased. The time I was planning to spend for many class assignments have evaporated and the only way to manage all the stuff is to wake up early and go to bed late.

Today I had some conversation and learned that many classmates struggles with the relationship with their partner; husband, wife, boyfriend and so on.
We are chased by various tasks and the generous partners are patiently supporting us. But the pressure is so strong for both and often there are fights.
Nobody wants to quarrel but physical and mental pressure generates tension.

I know it is normal that this happens and we only can learn from the experience. Immense time pressure forces us to become more effective and organized.
Otherwise we can’t cover everything.

I believe this is one of the important training of MBA course.
Therefore, I am very happy with what I am doing, despite the challenging physical condition…

But still, it’s better if I could sleep more…