To gain a wider view

To gain a wider view

These days, it is widely said that we can only recognize what we already know.
Our brain can't recognize what we don't know.

For example, if you have never seen a pen, you would not be able to understand what it is used for.
Once somebody starts writing a word on a paper, you may be able to understand what it is for.
But if you don’t know that “a word written on the paper” means “something”, you can’t understand anything.

Above indicates that when we read a book, we only can find what we already know.
If we want to learn something new, we have to intentionally search something we don’t know.

This also applies when we do our work.
We tend to search what we already know and ignore what don’t know.
Maybe “ignore” is not the correct word, we just can’t recognize what we don’t know.

OK, if so, how can we recognize what we don’t know?

I would suggest you to jump into the area which is not your area.
Meanwhile, jump into the area that is “out of your comfort zone”.

Once you get out of your comfort zone and experience something different, then you will be able to gain a different view.
Wider view.